Energy efficiency

Sustainable business operations

We recognize that the quality of life for future generations will depend on how well we all manage energy consumption today. So we are adopting and implementing energy efficient technologies and practices across our company to reduce energy consumption in our buildings, transportation, and communities.

Energy efficiency is a key component in our strategy to increase the sustainability of our operations. Championing and practicing energy efficiency helps us reduce emissions, improve the operational performance of our plants and facilities, and promote environmentally responsible communities.

Promoting environmental responsibility within our communities.

Our energy efficiency efforts seek to reduce energy consumption at Company facilities, design new facilities to be energy efficient, increase overall energy efficiency, and influence and promote energy efficiency at the national level. The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) program, and several other energy optimization initiatives, have steadily reduced energy intensity at Company facilities in Saudi Arabia. In 2020, the Company implemented more than 200 energy initiatives at its in-Kingdom facilities, resulting in 13.2 mboed energy savings.

Flare gas recovery

Aramco is a signatory to the World Bank's "Zero Routine Flaring by 2030" initiative and is committed to sharing best practices and knowledge in flaring minimization with peer companies. The Company's flare gas recovery systems, asset integrity, energy efficiency, and leak detection and repair programs help mitigate its carbon footprint.

Peak Summer Production Program

Our Peak Summer Production Program provides additional volumes of non-associated gas to reduce the use of liquids in power generation during the summer. In 2017, we displaced 11.5 million barrels of crude oil equivalent, freeing up higher value liquids while reducing emissions. We also continued our collaboration with the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program to promote energy efficiency practices through awareness campaigns. 

Energy efficiency in power generation

Cogeneration, or combined heat and power systems, capture the heat from a plant's exhaust stream and convert it into useful thermal energy.

The benefits of cogeneration systems are significant: Less fuel is required to produce energy and because the energy is produced within the plant, energy is not lost in transmission over power lines. And because less fuel is burned, emissions are lower.

Cogeneration systems are a major component of our strategy to be efficient in our use of energy and achieve 100% self-sufficiency in electrical power generation for our operating plants. Cogeneration enables us to produce electricity as a natural byproduct of our operations and reduces our energy consumption from the national utility grid.

New operating facilities include grassroots cogeneration systems and we are retrofitting existing plants. We have added 1,318 megawatts of new power capacity at our facilities by completing a number of cogeneration projects, including the expansion of facilities at our Shaybah and Wasit plants.

The adoption of cogeneration technology helps us promote energy efficiency, lower the energy intensity of our operating plants, add value to our hydrocarbon resources, and protect the environment.