Malaysia ‘Merdeka’ - Aramco and GEC collaborate to plant 500 mangrove trees with support from local communities

In the spirit of the Malaysia National ‘Merdeka’ month and as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, Aramco Malaysia, and the Global Environment Centre (GEC) organized a mangrove planting program.

An innovative approach to STEM education

Aramco Malaysia contributed to the STEM-based CSR program, PINTAR-Aramco Mobile Learning Unit, with the theme "Sports Science Education". The program will help inspire students and help them gain the required skills to succeed.

Mangrove trees for the future

Over 1,000 Rhizophora Mucronata (bakau kurap) mangrove seedlings were planted in a degraded area of Tanjung Surat island as part of Aramco Malaysia’s effort to restore and conserve the island's mangrove ecosystems.

Mangrove forests volunteering: cultivating values

As part of habitat preservation, Aramco Malaysia, in collaboration with the Global Environment Center (GEC), initiated its mangrove planting program with participation from both organizations alongside students, teachers and community members.

Aramco Malaysia's National Day Mangrove Planting Program

August saw Aramco Malaysia kick off its mangrove planting program with volunteers participating from Aramco Malaysia, the Global Environment Centre (GEC) and the Pulau Tanjung Surat community.