STEM Education Program Donation in Malaysia

As part of its continuous citizenship activities, Aramco Malaysia contributed to the underprivileged students in Malaysia through a three-years educational tuition program that aims to benefit 1,500 students.

A cheque presentation ceremony was held at the MARA Tower in Kuala Lumpur on 14 October 2021, for the Citizenship Donation from Aramco Malaysia contributing to the underprivileged students in Malaysia for the MARA Education Foundation (YPM) SMART TUITION PROGRAM @KPLB. Aramco Malaysia's Managing Director, Mr Saad AlQahtani presented a cheque amounting USD120,000 to the Chairman of YPM, YBhg Dato' Dr. Mohd Nizar. The Management and staff of YPM were also present on the occasion.

SMART TUITION PROGRAM @KPLB is a STEM Education Program that provides tuition classes and preparatory guidance for the underprivileged public school students; age 17 years old from the rural areas and *B40 families. These students will be sitting for the SPM examination (equivalent to the British GCSE) before progressing to the tertiary education such as universities, colleges and technical institutions.

At present, a total number of 72,697 public school students have benefited from the SMART TUITION PROGRAM @KPLB since its inception in 2013. Aramco Malaysia will be the benefactor of five (5) YPM education centers in the state of Johor for three (3) consecutive years, 2021-2023. The five (5) YPM education centers are located in five different areas in Johor, including Johor Baharu, Batu Pahat, Muar, Pontian and Mersing. For each YPM education centre, 100 students from the nearby public schools will be sponsored by Aramco Malaysia, annually, to attend the tuition program; cumulatively 1,500 students will benefit by the program.

In his remarks during the ceremony, Mr Qahtani has expressed Aramco Malaysia’s commitment to extend our values and contribution to the people and environment in our area of operations. “we are actively involved in making a difference in the communities in which we live and work” Mr Qahtani says. He also emphasized that Aramco Malaysia’s donation and support would further compliment the excellent work YPM has been doing and the value YPM adds to the communities.

*B40 (Represents the Bottom 40% – low income earners) Bottom tier income earners account for 40% of the country’s total income Bottom tier families have an income of less than RM4850 monthly