Aramco Malaysia's National Day Mangrove Planting Program

August saw Aramco Malaysia kick off its mangrove planting program with volunteers participating from Aramco Malaysia, the Global Environment Centre (GEC) and the Pulau Tanjung Surat community.

A total of 565 mangrove trees have been planted in August to symbolize the country's recent 65th National Day celebrations. It was also in line with plans by Malaysia's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the National Mangrove Restoration to plant 100 million trees across the country by 2025.

From this year until 2024, Aramco Malaysia will be the benefactor of the mangrove conservation initiative through a donation of USD125,000. A total of 9,000 seedlings will be planted across 2.5 hectares of identified mangrove degraded areas. The effort to conserve mangroves is expected to enrich the habitats of many species and biodiversity in the area, and enhance the economic livelihood of local communities.