Aramco Malaysia citizenship initiative: Mangrove conservation and sustainable livelihoods program in Pulau Tanjung Surat, Johor

Aramco Malaysia will be the benefactor for a mangrove conservation program in Pulau Tanjung Surat, Johor, from this year through to 2024.

A presentation ceremony marking the collaboration took place earlier this year, in which Aramco Malaysia presented a check of $125,000 (USD) to the Director of the Global Environment Centre (GEC), Faizal Parish Abdullah, alongside GEC's management.

The program will provide 3,000 seedlings each year across three years, giving a total of 9,000 saplings to the mangrove tree nursery, while the Tanjung Surat Island community will manage and maintain the nursery as part of a livelihood sustainability program. The initiative to conserve the mangroves is expected to enrich the ecosystem and habitats of many species in the area.

"Aramco looks to emphasize the importance of environmental awareness, which includes not only environmental knowledge but also ethics, education, and the determination to address environmental concerns," stated Ayman Hoho, Managing Director of Aramco Malaysia. “Through its collaboration with GEC, Aramco Malaysia is creating possibilities that benefit individuals, communities, and the environment.”