Mangrove Forest Ranger program in collaboration with the Global Environment Centre

Aramco Malaysia has organized a cheque presentation ceremony for the Mangrove Forest Ranger program in collaboration with the Global Environment Centre (GEC). This program aims to educate students and teachers about the importance of mangrove conservation and its role in mitigating climate change.

The Mangrove Forest Ranger program has a direct impact on 3,000 students, 30 teachers, and 30 schools in the Kota Tinggi district, located in the state of Johor. With a donation amount of US $125,000, this program is set to run for three years. Mr. Faizal Parish, Director GEC, was joined by other staff at the ceremony.

Mr. Ayman M. Hoho, Managing Director of Aramco Malaysia, said: “Aramco's commitment to environmental sustainability and education is exemplified through its support for initiatives like the Mangrove Forest Ranger program. By working in partnership with the GEC, Aramco continues to drive positive change within the communities where it operates.”

Several activities will be implemented under the program to achieve its objectives. Training of Trainers (ToT) sessions will be conducted for teachers, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to educate their students about mangrove conservation and the effect of climate change on mangrove ecosystems. This will ensure that the impact of the program extends beyond the initial three-year period.

Carnivals will be organized in schools, providing a fun and interactive platform for students to learn about mangroves and their ecosystems. Additionally, essay writing and coloring competitions will further engage students and encourage them to explore their creative side while learning about the importance of protecting mangroves.

Through education and activities, the Mangrove Forest Ranger program aims to empower youth, enhance education, and strengthen knowledge about mangrove conservation and climate change. By providing students and teachers with firsthand experiences and awareness activities, this program will create a lasting impact on the future generation's understanding and appreciation of our natural environment.