Mangrove forests volunteering: cultivating values

As part of habitat preservation, Aramco Malaysia, in collaboration with the Global Environment Center (GEC), initiated its mangrove planting program with participation from both organizations alongside students, teachers and community members.

The conservation effort, together with Tanjung Surat Primary School and “Friends of Tanjung Surat Island Mangroves”, marked the program’s last activity for 2022, with more to follow over the next two years. "Friends of Tanjung Surat Island Mangrove" was founded to spearhead the mangrove rehabilitation initiative within the community of Tanjung Surat island.

The students in particular had a memorable experience of planting mangrove saplings, and conducting hands-on preservation of mangroves along the Sungai Johor (Johor River), which are used as a buffer to protect the shoreline and serve as a breeding ground for fish.

"School participation not only enhances environmental awareness but also fosters a greater spirit of volunteerism among students and teachers,” said Ayman M. Hoho, Managing Director of Aramco Malaysia. “Through community-based conservation programs, Aramco aspires to promote environmental preservation and sustainable livelihoods."

In May 2018, Aramco launched the ‘Community-Based Mangrove Conservation and Sustainable Livelihood Project’ in the state of Johor and has since planted 12,600 mangrove trees with aims of planting a further 9,000 saplings across 2.5 hectares of identified mangrove degraded areas from now until 2024. Improving social and economic viability of local communities, enhancing awareness of the mangrove ecosystem and promoting sustainable conservation remain the program’s integral goals.