Mangrove trees for the future

Over 1,000 Rhizophora Mucronata (bakau kurap) mangrove seedlings were planted in a degraded area of Tanjung Surat island as part of Aramco Malaysia’s effort to restore and conserve the island's mangrove ecosystems. The tree planting event coincides with the International Day of Forests; the theme for this year is "Forest and Health". Participating in the program were fifty volunteers from Aramco Malaysia, PRefChem, Friends of Tanjung Surat Island Mangrove (SHBPTS), a local youth group, and Tanjung Surat Primary School.

"Aramco is committed to sustainable development and improving the quality of life in the communities in which it operates,” said Ayman M. Hoho, Managing Director of Aramco Malaysia. "By involving diverse stakeholders, we continue to raise awareness about the restoration and conservation. We believe that the protection and preservation of the natural environment for future generations is of vital importance."

This activity is important not just for the environment, but also for the local community. Mangroves provide an important ecosystem service by protecting coastlines from erosion and storm damage. They are also a critical breeding and feeding ground for many fish species, making them an important part of the local economy. Hearty mangroves thrive in difficult living conditions that other trees can't tolerate, and these forests are therefore one of the most efficient nature-based solutions that act as sustainable carbon sinks, sequestering carbon much faster and more permanently than terrestrial forests – and offsetting up to five times more carbon per hectare than most terrestrial forests globally.

The planting of 1,000 mangrove trees contributes to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources' "Greening Malaysia" campaign, spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; to plant 100 million trees across the country by 2025. Partnering with the Global Environment Centre (GEC) organization, Aramco Malaysia targets to plant 9,000 trees from 2022 through 2024.