STEM Outreach Through Sports Science Education

Aramco Malaysia recently launched the PINTAR-Aramco Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU) STEM CSR program under the theme ‘Sports Science Education’. The mobile unit is outfitted with educational tools and workstations and will visit selected schools across Peninsular Malaysia over the next two years.

The program will focus on providing quality education through instilling knowledge that students may not have had access to in conventional educational environments.

By collaborating with PINTAR Foundation, Aramco Malaysia is taking an innovative approach to STEM education. Thematically, this mobile unit has been designed to stimulate the interest of children aged 7 to 12 through interactive and hands-on activities. By combining STEM with sports science, the program aims to benefit as many as 50,000 students and their local communities.

Aramco Malaysia Managing Director Ayman M. Hoho, said: “We recognize that education underlies economic and social progress. That’s why we focus some of our outreach programs on boosting STEM competency in early age to ignite youths’ creativity and help the next generation to turn their aspirations into reality within their communities, paving the way for a more prosperous future."