Mangrove conservation carnival concludes in Kota Tinggi

Mangrove conservation efforts in Malaysia took a step forward with the conclusion of an initiative aimed at boosting awareness among school children.

The closing ceremony of this year’s Mangrove Forests Education and Awareness Carnival at SMK Laksamana, Kota Tinggi, included representatives from Aramco Malaysia, Global Environment Centre (GEC), Kota Tinggi District Education Office and Friends of Mangrove Forests Pulau Tanjung Surat. The event was also supported by the Johor State Forestry Department.

The Mangrove Forests Education and Awareness Carnival is part of the Mangrove Forest Ranger (MFR) Program (2023-2025), involving schools across the Kota Tinggi District. 

Ten schools from the district participated in numerous activities over the course of two weeks, in an effort to increase awareness and engagement in the conservation of mangrove forests. The participating schools were SK Kampong Layau, SJK (T) Jalan Tajul, SJK (C) Pei Hwa, SJK (C) New Kota, SK Bandar, SK Taman Kota Jaya, SMK Semenchu, SMK Bandar, SMK Seri Aman, and SMK Laksamana. Nearly 5,000 students and teachers participated.

One of the objectives is to educate students, teachers, and the community about mangrove forests and climate change and to encourage conservation practices. 
The closing ceremony was officiated by Tuan Haji Kuswandi Tayen, Deputy Director of the Johor State Education Department, who said: “This represents a significant milestone in building awareness among future generations about the importance of environmental conservation, especially mangrove forests, to ecosystem sustainability.” 

Tuan Haji Mohamad Fadil bin Ishak, Chief District Education Officer of the Kota Tinggi District Education Department, said: “We recognize the important role of this program in developing awareness of marine ecosystems among students and we hope that this effort can be continued in the future.”

Faizal Parish, director of GEC, said: “This program not only provides knowledge to students but also stimulates a sense of responsibility towards the environment, which is a crucial asset for transforming environmental education for the health of the planet.”

Ayman M. Hoho, managing director of Aramco Malaysia, said: “This initiative aims to disseminate information and knowledge to increase awareness among young generations and the community about the importance of conservation and restoration of mangrove forests. Aramco Malaysia supports initiatives such as these, that promote environmental awareness among young generations.”

The program will continue for another two years with a focus on an additional 20 schools in the Kota Tinggi district. This signifies GEC’s ongoing commitment to developing ecosystem awareness and engaging younger generations in environmental conservation efforts. The Mangrove Forests Education and Awareness Carnival will complement wider mangrove forest conservation efforts in Malaysia.

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