Making a difference

Our planet-based and environmental-related initiatives within our local operations.

At Aramco Malaysia, we strive to create a culture that prioritises the understanding of our natural environment.

As our business operations expand, so do the initiatives we undertake to promote the preservation and protection of our planet and its biodiversity for future generations.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Aramco Malaysia in collaboration with Global Environment Center (GEC), an established NGO in Malaysia have collaborated in contributing back to the environment and is supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15 – Life on Planet.

More than 1000 mangrove saplings were planted during the Oct 2019 session.

Throughout 2019, Aramco volunteers together with GEC, state government & agencies, activist groups & local communities have planted more than 3500 mangrove trees in the surrounding area of Tanjung Surat, in Johor. We endeavor to continue planting more mangrove trees in 2020 and to have more initiatives and engagements with the local communities to spread more awareness. We are extremely proud that we contribute to the preservation of environment in the area where we operate.