Diversity and inclusion

Workforce empowerment

At Aramco, we aim to nurture a work culture that values the contributions of all employees, creating an environment where individuals can excel as a part of inclusive, collaborative teams.

What is diversity and inclusion at Aramco?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in general refers to the policies, programs, and inclusive environment that encourages the representation and involvement of diverse groups of people within an organization:

At Aramco it’s the steps we’re taking every day toward creating a company culture centered on an inclusive, productive, and aspiring workforce. It’s also being an employer that values and appreciates every employee and helps enable them to achieve their professional potential.

Why is D&I important?

Diversity and inclusion practices ensure a better company with better performance. Embedding inclusive practices leads to a variety of different perspectives, increased creativity, a higher degree of innovation, faster problem solving, better decision making, increased profits, stronger employee engagement, better company reputation, and improved hiring results. Studies have also shown strong correlations between higher-than-average diversity and higher-than-average profits across 350+ companies.

Female engineering employee – Aramco – climbing ladder with hard hat
Diversity and inclusion means valuing every employee, and enabling them to express their ideas towards common goals
Female employee – Aramco – presentation of digital technology
Our goal is to become a global role model for diversity & inclusion, deploying initiatives that empower our people

How does Aramco promote D&I?

At Aramco, we are committed to attracting and developing diverse talent, seeing individual differences as an opportunity for innovation and growth. We cultivate a welcoming and respectful environment where employees are provided equitable access to resources and opportunities.

Some of our Diversity and Inclusion programs

Diversity at Work
This interactive one-day course aims to enhance our employees’ understanding of the Diversity & Inclusion dimensions focused on by the Company: gender, ability, age, and culture. It also provides employees with information on how to help make Aramco a more inclusive company.

Disability Management for Chief Position Holders
This full-day workshop provides Aramco Chief Position Holders (CPH) up to Manager level (both technical and professional) with the knowledge and skills to create an inclusive work environment for people with disabilities (PwD). 

Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion
This e-learning course offers our employees an introduction to key diversity and inclusion concepts they may not have encountered before.

Success at Work
This full-day workshop targets participants with no prior work experience and provides participants with knowledge about the skills needed to succeed in the workplace, including understanding of diversity and inclusion, self-awareness, and inclusive behaviors to promote success.

Male Aramco employee – presentation of virtual reality technology
Diversity & inclusion initiatives are being embedded within employees’ lifecycles – from employment to leadership

A diverse and inclusive company for all

The dedicated D&I team at Aramco builds on our tradition of celebrating, engaging, and enabling our workforce, supporting the wider strategy to create a vibrant and inclusive company culture for employees in five key areas: Recruitment, Retention, Advancement, Leadership, and D&I Role Models.

D&I initiatives are being implemented in all Company workstreams, embedding it within employees' life-cycle phases – from employment to leadership. This way, our diverse and collaborative teams instill our corporate values of integrity, citizenship, accountability, safety, and excellence, allowing them to achieve remarkable results within an ever-changing global market.

Collaborations within the Kingdom

Aramco's strategy is aligned with meeting the Kingdom's goals for Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030; an ambitious transformational journey to diversify the country's economy and develop various sectors, such as health, education, recreation, and tourism.

As part of this alignment, we collaborate with local universities to leverage their engineering programs, identifying highly qualified female candidates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) for opportunities within Aramco. We also have developed and launched GROW 2.0 (Gulf Region Organization for Women), to establish an organization and network to advance women's professional opportunities.

Just as Vision 2030 recognizes the importance of a vibrant society, we recognize the importance of a vibrant work culture that values individual employees' unique abilities and contributions.

Female and male employees – Aramco – working on robotic engineering – robot arm
We recognize the importance of a vibrant work culture that values individual employees’ unique abilities and contributions